About Us

We have been in the hospitality domain for more than two decades, which makes us one among the best. The dishes we serve are special, how and where we serve are even more special and these things tells about our expertise.

While the other hotels and lodges provides you space to stay we provide an exclusive experience for our guests and their families, through the serine view of the orchard, aesthetic rooms, party halls, a feast to your eyes and taste buds through our delicacies.

Our guests are our kings and queens and we want them to rest like one in our king/queen size beds and suites, but be warned that at the very sight of our world class amenities and interiors you will forget the reality and skip into your world of selfies.

20+Years of Expertise

Our Standard

1. Establishments
We are proud to say that we are a part of the Oceans restaurant, we will make sure that your stay and experience with us in Flora Park Inn is as good as, it would be with Oceans.
2. Rooms
At this point of time we are ready and eager to serve our guests with 20 rooms.
3. Years of Expertise
20 plus years of expertise in hospitality domain the roots and heritage of our expertise in other domain and sector dates back to generations.
4. Staffs
60+ staffs, not bragging just wanted to make sure that there will be someone to run errands for you at any point of time, during your stay with us.